VRF / VRV System

Precise Solutions supply the VRF / VRV System in Punjab. We offer services for cooling & heating systems, ac units, ducts, air filters, ac venting, dehumidifiers, and many other ac related services. You want an air conditioner that can handle your home’s demands and provide a nice breath of fresh air when necessary, then contact us.

What is VRF System

VRF System is a type of Commercial Air Conditioner. You can connect the single outdoor unit with the multiple indoor units using Y-type Joints with copper piping. The compressor of this outdoor unit is DC Inverter. This outdoor unit consumes the electricity as per indoor requirement. When you need cooling / heating in a space then the outdoor unit will consume the electricity as per that indoor only, not will consume their 100% electricity.

Outdoor Units in VRF / VRV System

Variable Speed Compressor is used in VRF outdoor unit that consumes the electricity as per requirement of indoor units connected with that outdoor unit. We can provide the VRF outdoor unit in different capacities, from 2.6 TR to 8 TR in side discharge outdoor  / front discharge outdoor unit and from 7.2 TR to 20.8 TR in top discharge outdoor with single module and upto 82 TR with combination of 4 modules of top discharge outdoor units as per your requirement.

Indoor Units in VRF / VRV System

There are many types of indoor units that are used in VRF / VRV System. We can provide the Round Flow 4-Way Cassette Type (0.8 TR to 4.6 TR), 4-Way Cassette Type (0.8 TR to 4.6 TR), Wall Mounted Type (0.6 TR to 2.6 TR), Ducted Type (0.6 TR to 8 TR) & Fresh Air Type (4 TR to 8 TR) Indoor Units with VRF / VRV System.

What are the benefits of a VRF System?

There are some benefits of VRF system that are mentioned here:

  • Energy efficiency: As mentioned above, single speed air conditioners lead to a lot of wasted energy. Customers typically enjoy cost savings in utility bills and increased comfort after the initial installation of VRF / VRV System.
  • Sleek and compact: Compared to traditional equipment, VRF units are much less bulky, making them an excellent solution for limited space.
  • Customizable temperature settings: If the right VRF system for the building is selected, users can cool / heat different zones at the same time with different desired temperatures.
  • Scalability: VRF systems have advanced to be compatible with a range of heating and cooling system. VRF System can control the environment in a small single-family home or commercial building with digital and centralized controlling system. .
  • Quiet: VRF systems reduce ambient noise both inside the building as well as outside, particularly in comparison to traditional HVAC technology (Chiller System).
  • Easy to use & easy to install: Ducted HVAC equipment is infamous heavy. While VRF should be installed only by trained and certified professionals.

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