Supply of Cold Storage Unit

Precise Solutions provides Cold Storage Unit in Punjab. We offer services for HVAC system. We can provide the Cold Storage Units as per your requirement and capacity.

What is Cold Storage unit

Cold storage is a facility that primarily stores food items that are short-lived and highly likely to get spoilt under normal conditions. These may include fruits, vegetables, fish, meat etc. These food items are stored under optimum temperature (primarily low) and humid environment as required for individual items.

Benefits of Cold Storage unit

There are many advantages of cold storage when used for storing perishable foods. Some of them are discussed further:

  • Temperature Controls
  • Lowers the Risk of Food Poisoning
  • Lowers Deterioration Rate of Perishable Foods
  • Minimizes the Hassle of Cooking on Regular Intervals
  • Enables to Store Foods for Longer Time Period
  • Best quality & eco-friendly equipment

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AC Maintenance Services & Preventive Maintenance Agreements

One of the best ways to arm your system against unexpected breakdowns is to keep it well-maintained. That means cleaning / changing your air filter twice a month and having your system professionally inspected monthly before each cooling season to make sure it’s clean, tuned, safe, and running as it should. Regular cassette ac, wall-mounted ac and convertible ac are not a luxury. It’s an air conditioning service you can’t afford to ignore.

Regular air conditioning service such as an annual AC tune-up helps minimize wear and tear on your system, increases system efficiency, and can often catch developing problems and safety concerns before they become more serious.

Our Preventive AC Maintenance Program

To make it easier for you to make AC maintenance a normal part of air conditioner ownership, we offer the convenience of our Preventive Maintenance program. With our affordable Preventive Maintenance Agreements, you’ll enjoy priority customer status on emergency service calls whenever you need repairs. Call today for more information.

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